Amirak Delat / Artist

Hello there! My name is Amirak Delat and I’m a female comic artist & illustrator based in Canada. 

Comics, illustration and storytelling have been my passion since I was a kid. When I turned 19, I made the decision to move out from home to study fine arts in Montreal and become a comic book artist. It has since been a bumpy ride to get to where I am today, a self-employed artist. My illustrations are available in print on this website, as well as in different platforms such as Society6 and Red Bubble. I also self-published two graphic novels AD INFINITUM & WORDS AND SAND and collaborated with writers for different projects. 

Other than making art for a living, one of my missions is also to help out and empower creatives to becoming financially successful. Based on my personal experience with money but also on my previous work experience in the financial industry, my blog THE FINANCIAL CREATIVE gives useful practical advice for creatives on budgeting, building a solid personal finance plan and getting started with investing as an artist. 

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If you enjoy my work, especially my comic WORDS AND SAND, becoming one of my patrons will allow you to have all the recent updates of my project as well as free digital copies of each release. In return, your contributions would help me build a better artistic practice and produce more creative content every month. 



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