Words and Sand

Comic Book Series written and illustrated by Amirak Delat

Amirak Delat - Words and Sand - Vol. 1

"I guess I tried hard to fit in..."

When his grandfather is reported dead, Cedric Levy travels all the way to Algeria to retrieve the body… Until he learns that he is still alive. With the help of his new friends Odile and Hocine, Cedric journeys through the Sahara Desert in a last attempt to find his grandfather. The quest proves itself dangerous amidst a violent civil war and strange phenomenon taking place.

“Confined in a small apartment in Toronto during the 2020 pandemic, I was compelled to write and illustrate Words and Sand. This story explores the themes of identity, self-acceptance, friendship and travel. I was inspired by the history of my country of origin and my childhood in Algeria during the civil war in the 1990’s. As I wrote the script, I felt a deep personal connection to the story and its protagonists and I hope to share this connection with readers who want to travel back in time, but also escape in a road trip illustrated in a graphic novel format.” – Amirak Delat

Amirak Delat’s script is a solid one. She makes us feel for the characters, to wonder at the depiction of everyday life in times of turmoil.” – Alan Spinney, The Fanboy Factor

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